Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Four Heavenly Kings: These gods watch over the four cardinal directions.  They live in the four palaces of the four directions of Mount Meru, in order to preserve and protect the Buddha dharma by taking the form of world protectors.
Yulkhor Sung: white, east, plays guitar, because he rule the realm that lives on melodious music Phah-Skespo: blue, south, his sword presents him as a defender of the faith     
Chanme-Zang: red, west, a stupa in his right hand and a snake in his left
Nathos-Ses: yellow, north, a mongoose in his left hand which pours gems out of its mouth, and a victory banner in his right, causing showers of wealth to fall by shaking it

Wheel of Life: This wheel, held by Yama, represents the realms a soul can be reborn into, the causes of suffering, and the stages of dependent origin.
The realms: human, gods, titans, and ghosts, animals, hell
The causes of suffering: ignorance, greed, hatred
The stages of dependent origin: ignorance, willed action, conditioned consciousness, form and existence, senses, sense-impressions, sensation, craving, attachment, becoming, birth, old age/death

Om Mani Padme Hum: The oldest mantra of Tibetan Buddhism, the lotus representing human consciousness, and the jewel, as within the conscious, bodhicitta, the awakened mental state, is representative of compassion and the seeking of nirvana. 
This mantra is painted and carved onto rocks and boulders. 

Bring a flashlight, or buy one.

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