Monday, September 23, 2013

Empowerment and Economy

The empowerment of women to be able to actively participate in their own economic condition is based in their personal circles: their families, social environments, and surrounding communities.  The community can be extended to the local, national, and global scale.
This means that the actions we wear, our own personal accountability in empowering individuals in our communities, will have an effect on the communities surrounding.
The messages transmitted from one community to another or from one person to another can surround an environment, and allow for the momentum needed to create real change. 
The economic condition of women may be challenging in terms of the social, formal, or conditioned challenges posed:
            The empowerment of women has an impact on economic condition.
As has been shown repeatedly, equality, human rights, and dimensional accountability for rights will serve to promote a more stable, dependable economy.
Financial security, either through independent financial management, or through external means of support, is a vital aspect of empowerment.  This is especially true for women with family dynamics promoting inequity, and women living in communities without adequate financial interdependency, proper informal or formal means of security, or the creative means to achieve greater economic success.
As a vital player in the community, acting as providers, caretakers, shoppers, and social and political leaders, women have the power and equity to communicate standards, both informal and formal.  Similarly, time-based economic vitality, and the opportunities and obstacles provided via the community’s economic condition, allow for the phenomenon of cycles in economic pattern:
Traditions in women’s empowerment allow for the cooperation required of economic heritage, and it is in the best interest of the community to promote creative means in achieving women’s empowerment.  Further, the impact of each community on others allows for the concept of standard to be communicated effectively through social, political, and economic decisions.  The emphasis on women’s rights allows for the message of community accountability in issues of human rights and the economy.

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