Monday, January 20, 2014

Our First Week


It's only our (Hilary and Bryn) first week day here at Maitri, but the whirlwind has already begun. The excitement for what was to come really started to build on the walk from our apartment to Maitri's office. In just a short walk we saw everything from a beautiful, gated apartment complex to the saddening piles of garbage and tent communities in the slums. We saw young women in clothes similar to ours and others in brightly colored, traditional Indian garb.  The winter fog blanketed the city, softening the lush greenery that surrounds our apartment compound. So much to see, yet our sight was certainly not the only thing stimulated by Delhi's constant flow of life. Cars and motorcycles zipped past, repeatedly honking their horns to move us out of the way. Near one apartment we smelled someone's delicious breakfast and then, as we turned a corner, smelled the dirt and dust from men working construction. It's a constant flood of sights, sounds, and smells that I've certainly never experienced before and I'm really looking forward to becoming more acclimated to everything.

After weaving our way through the streets we arrived at Maitri. We were met by several of Maitri's employees who extended a warm welcome to us and then quickly began learning more about the organization's projects. Even in this short amount of time it's easy to see (though hard to grasp) the scope of what these people do.  For instance, Project Awaaz focuses on serving the underprivileged migrant workers by educating them on the prevention and transmission of physical ailments like HIV/AIDS, TB, and STIs and also improving access to Citizenship Rights. As I learn more, I'll explain more fully Maitri's initiatives. The magnitude of Maitri's work is slightly intimidating, but the nearly tangible hum of passion within the office walls is incredibly contagious. I know I speak for both Hilary and I when I say that these next few months are going to be life changing.

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