Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Do good things and talk about it!

It is probably almost everyone's desire to find work where he/she is able to leave own footprints. But how should they look like? What does the impact look like that you want to make?

Working for Maitri offers two distinct ways of working for social causes:
1) Directly with victims, the very poor or underserved communities
2) Improving processes to make projects even more effective

The latter aspect should not be underestimated. Each project and programme needs people being able to oversee everything which is being conducted in the field and it's their responsibility to have the big picture in mind all the time and align the activities accordingly.
By transferring some of things I've learned so far about programme and project management into Maitri's organization, I get the feeling of helping other people on a high scale.

Having the chance to teach some of the students of our programme Maitrigram was an incredible experience. Here you get to see the real impact of all the work that is being done in the field AND in the head quarter. I really like and appreciate the mix of exploring both sides of working for a NGO!

As a refresher, some of us went on a trip to Mussoorie for a few days. In the mountains of the Himalaya, a charity run took place where four of us represented Maitri. 

The October, being the month of our domestic violence campaign, ended on Monday with an incredibly powerful play in the heart of one of largest malls in Delhi. A couple of hundred people could witness the intense demonstration of how prevelant domestic violence still is in this country and what we can do about it.

These events and all the work that is done, has to be spread around the world to multiply all the effect that is already been made!

Kenneth Alexander Grodotzki, 28
Self-employed / Freelancer from Germany

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