Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It is often difficult to define the beauty of ‘living a life’. It is a definition that is subjective but ultimately I feel the beauty lies in living a life at its fullest. But it is more beautiful to live a life which you think cannot be lived at its fullest. It gives a sense of satisfaction to have lived each day. The happiness lies in having restrained ourselves from the dreadful gates of the graveyard. I guess every individual lives such a life in his regular routine. When you get out of the house, credibility of coming back is vulnerable; when we sleep at night, getting up is vulnerable. So, everything in this world is subject to vulnerability. There is a famous quote in the serial Game of Thrones, “Death may never die”. It is so true. Everything is mortal. We do not know the reason of our death. Sometimes I feel patients suffering from fatal disease like HIV are fortunate enough to estimate their life span. They know that the God of death may soon be ringing the doorbell of their lives. Death is approaching and they live the life the way ‘book of humanity’ preaches. Then tell me who is more fortunate, the ones whose death sentence is uncertain or the ones having it certain. Still rather than spending time happily, we empathize them every day for their disease. Still in various parts of the country, or rather in a macro level, in this world people mock around about the disease. There have been lot of campaigns to create awareness about AIDS but still a social stigma exists in various quarters of the society.

There are about 1.4 to 1.6 million people in India affected by the fatal disease. There are treatments available for people living with HIV/AIDS. If you have HIV/AIDS, you can take combinations of medicines. The drug combinations are designed to strengthen the immune system to keep HIV from developing into AIDS or to relieve AIDS symptoms. But it has been seen that people do not face the disease as courageously as needed. I do not want to communicate the ways anyone gets infected by the disease. Often in all the AIDS campaigns we get to hear that syringes and medical equipment which come in direct contact to the blood should be sterilized after use. But in reality, in some hospitals (do not want to take the name of the hospitals) the basic precautionary measures are not taken care of by the hospital officials, indicating negligence at their level. I was working for a while with an NGO named Maitri as a part of CSR (Corporate social responsibility). I came across an HIV patient named Mohammad Rahil Ahmad, who went for a treatment to XYZ hospital.

Isn’t it unfortunate that by mistake his blood got infected by the virus while he was admitted to cure Pneumonia, through a syringe?

Ambiguity in estimating our life span is realistic. If you are reason for your own death, then it is justifiable. But when our life is defined by the ludicrous activity of others then it is really unfortunate.
So just take care that every time your parlour guy uses a blade, it is a fresh blade and make sure he disposes off the used blades. While in a hospital take care that the syringes, scalpels, scissors etc. are sterilized. 
Most importantly, I would not only ask you to have safe sex but also to practice monogamy. I know people practicing polygamy secretively or polyamory with everyone's consent , but it just makes you more vulnerable. On a crass way I would like to say that, If you can get laid with a girl you just met in the bar, then that doesn't makes you a stud that just makes you sexually exposed to STD.

At this point I also want to spread a word.
There is a cliched sentence 

"if he has multiple woman, he is a stud..

if she has multiple men, she is slut.."

Sorry, but I feel if you cannot practice fidelity then you are also a....!!

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