Friday, June 6, 2014

Project Samvedena in Action

A peek in one of the slums where Maitri's Project Samvedena is operating
On our way to the community meeting
Doug sitting in on a Domestic Violence workshop

Community members participating in important conversations about violence against women
          On Monday we had the opportunity to go and visit a slum Maitri works in. Maitri works in this area through its Project Samvedena. The main goal of the program in his area is to conduct a survey to better understand the presence of violence against women in this community and communities like it. We arrived and sat in on a community meeting in a small room where an outreach worker talked about issues relating to gender violence. The group of people there was very diverse and included young girls and boys maybe 4 years old to teenage boys and mothers with children. All of these people from this community were able to come together and learn about gender violence prevention. It was an inspiration to see these conversations taking place and especially to see young children being exposed to the importance of not perpetuating violence and knowing how to report and respond to such violence.

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