Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Tour of Project Jeevan's Lunch Kitchen

This weekend Doug and I toured the facilities Maitri works with to provide the lunch meal everyday to over 500 widows of Vrindavan. While we were in Vrindavan we only visited one Maitri ran facility which served lunch to roughly 100 women. The work Maitri does is huge, but it is sobering to know while the work is a large force for good the need is so great that currently it can't reach all the widows in need. There’s a study from the Indian government that estimates the number of widowed beggars in Vrindavan to be 3,000.
Though currently Maitri cannot help every Vrindavan widow, every widow Maitri helps is grateful not only for the material services provided, but more especially for the dignity and respect returned to them as they live out their later years

Here’s Doug in the cafeteria where we served lunch:

And now I’ll take you for a tour of where the food came from:

A roti roller - rotis also known as chapatis, for those of you who don't know, are a wheat flat bread similar to a tortilla.

Dough hooks to make rotis

That machine produces 10,000 rotis per hour (RPH!)

Cutting up veggies for lunch!

The work is endless
Just a couple of the dishes waiting to be scrubbed

So you can see the scale - those pots are massive

I don't know what this does, but I liked all the buttons and lights

And there you have it.

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