Sunday, March 9, 2014

Adventures in Old Delhi

Side Street in Old Delhi

Yesterday Hilary and I travelled to Old Delhi with our friend (and honorary guide) Azeem to see all of the craziness firsthand. It didn't disappoint. Being in Delhi for two months now, I thought that I had gotten used to the bustling crowds and packed streets. Being in Delhi for two years wouldn't have prepared us for this. People, cars, and autos were packed in so tightly it felt nearly impossible to move. We had to dart in an out of cars just to keep moving along.

It was interesting that we didn't see nearly as many white people as we were led to believe we would. It may also have contributed to Azeem being stopped by a policeman and asked what he was doing with us haha. After explaining that he wasn't our guide and, indeed our friend, we were warned against pickpockets and sent on our way.

We walked to Azeem's home after wandering through the markets. Hanging out on the rooftop was one of my favorite parts of the day by far. All of the children flying kites on their roofs stopped to watch us. Some yelled out "Kashmiri, Kashmiri" which we learned was because our pale skin is somewhat akin to those from the Indian state of Kashmir. They were sweet though and asked us our names. I yelled out my name to a small boy who asked and then asked him for his. He giggled and ran back inside his house. Eventually he came back out and yelled out his name. He couldn't have been more than three or four and was completely adorable.

After that we headed to Azeem's favorite restaurant for butter chicken. Neither Hilary or I had ever heard of butter chicken so we were excited to try it. It was a bit of a wait, but was SO WORTH IT. I don't think I've ever had something as buttery and creamy or as unhealthy, but it was so beyond delicious. The naan was so thick and soft. The chicken was the most decadent food I've eaten since coming to India.

The day was so much fun and we plan to return (especially to do some shopping with Azeem's aunts!) for more adventures.

P.S. Hilary also high-fived a random white person we saw on a dare. The woman just laughed and high-fived her... and I lost Rs. 200.

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