Sunday, February 23, 2014

Exploring Hauz Khas Village

This past weekend Hilary, Anna, and I explored Hauz Khas Village. It was so much fun and was definitely the hippest place I've seen in Delhi yet. It had so many cool antique stores filled with vintage trinkets and old film posters. There was also plenty of high-end stores, offering lux clothing and gifts.

Hauz Khas Village

We decided to try some "New York" style pizza. Hilary and I wanted to see if it was actually NY style or if it was India's version of NY style (which has been the case for most "American" food we've tried). Our verdict: It was actually fairly close to pizza you'd get in the States, not quite NY, but good. We then hopped over to the Elf Café (I think that's the name) for dessert and drinks. The lounge was gorgeous and we had a blast.

While we were exploring HKV we came across this incredibly creepy hallway. Bright pink with fangs! Hilary and Anna's friend Azeem were the bravest and went first. Once Anna, her friend Adrian, and I saw that they came out alive we went in next.

Turns out it's an amazing art gallery!! It was full of incredible urban art with a small cafe and amazing view! From the backside of the building is a phenomenal view of Deer Park. The warm weather brought everyone out to enjoy the scenery. After we checked out the gallery we made our way down to take it all in as well.

The art exhibit was definitely the coolest find of the day and apparently a hidden treasure as some native Delhi-ites(?) hadn't even heard of it. We hope to go back soon to see if they change out pieces. It's definitely a must-see for anyone discovering HKV...if you can find it, that is.

Some of the amazing pieces at Social Space Art Gallery!!

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