Thursday, July 14, 2011

Highlight of Our Work Day

Pictures of the kids again!
They never get tired of pictures and they have truly captured my heart.
Thinking about leaving and never seeing them again is way too painful.

So for now we relish in the good times.

Oh and we have your much awaited Hokie Pokie video.
(Which I cannot believe I am actually putting on the internet for the world to see...its for the kids. I need to share their happiness. It'll make the world a little better of a place even if it has to suffer through me leading the Hokie Pokie).

My BFFs: (L-R) Gita, her older sister Laxmi, and Varsha

The guy in the middle is another volunteer teacher, I will get his name down tomorrow!

And yes, the Hokie Pokie.

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