Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eva's Journey to Speaking Hindi PART II

Good morning/good evening class! lol

I am happy to announce that I have moved from single words to small phrases... On the flip side, I am embarrassed to share that my Hindi is still BROKEN and in dire need of a linguistic mechanic. Here is what I have learned since my last post:
  • dadaji- paternal grandfather
  • dadiji- paternal grandmother
  • naniji- maternal grandmother
  • nanaji- maternal grandfather
  • chalo!- You go!
  • ou!- Come!
  • kripya- please
  • ghitdi (jeetdee)- demanding... this is often how Laxmi refers to her daughter Geeta lol
  • me apse pyiar bohot car du- I love you very much
  • tom paghal ho- you are mad/crazy!
  • apkaise pasan karte ho _____?- do you like _____?
  • paghal- crazy
  • gussa- angry
  • agla- next
  • mera favorite - my favorite
  • apka favorite _____ kya he?- What is your favorite _______?
  • tora, tora- little little (I say "tora tora Hindi. English me")
  • mera nehi- not me
  • chaldhi, chaldhi- hurry, hurry!
For the next phrases and words I need to give you some context. Today during class, Poonam and Varsha insisted that I take pictures. My first response was:
  • last me- at the end (of class)
Then, they began to pout, slid their thumb forward from their chin, and said:
  • katti- I am 'breaking friendship with you'
I immediately cracked up remembering the Mexican cortala ritual. For those of you unfamiliar with the tradition, it's a 'breaking friendship' ritual wherein your index fingers face each other and the person who is being 'cut', proceeds to sever the connecting fingers with her index finger, and thereby agrees to end the friendship. This is very common among children, although I have known some adults to engage in such behavior. haha

Lastly, they said:
  • baat nehi carengue- I am not speaking to you!
After some tickling and cheek pinching, this is how the argument ended...

by giving in and taking pictures. lol

That concludes today's lesson... Sorry that my progress has been as slow as atole.

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