Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My name is Malika Bakshi and this is my first internship. I am studying Political Science (Honors) at University of Delhi, third year. I am really enjoying being here. I have learned so much and met so many people. This is my first week here and I don't want this internship to end.
I have always been passionate to fight for women rights and domestic violence, and since joining Maitri I’ve learned about so many husbands beating their wives and treating them like animals.  I am deeply hurt after seeing this and am glad that NGOs help them to take a stand.  It is my pleasure to be part of such a NGO.

I’ve got the chance to interact with so many women.  Some were beaten by their husbands, some were not respected by their sons and daughter in-laws, and some were widows with no place to stay.  They had so many problems in life but I saw them happy and fighting.  Maitri is one reason for smile on their faces.  I am glad that Maitri has given me this opportunity.

This is my first step in the real world and I want to be a part of Maitri as long as I can to fight against domestic violence and to remove it from our society.

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