Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Real Impact

There are NGOs that help one cause or another, but few that commit themselves as wholeheartedly as Maitri does to helping everyone that they can. Their holistic approach, combined with an attention to actual impact, has been inspiring to witness firsthand. Widows, children, women, migrant workers- all downtrodden in their own way- are uplifted and supported by Maitri's work.

Tired of seeing so many groups in the US that committed themselves to help but ended up talking a lot more than actually doing, I left for Delhi, in the hopes of finding work with a nonprofit that legitimately cared about the causes they were involved in and could create actual change. I was pleasantly surprised to find Maitri exceeded all expectations. The gratitude expressed by weathered widow mothers and jubilant slum children has been evidence that this work is not going unappreciated.

I'm very grateful to Maitri India for allowing me to participate, for just a few months, in the wonderful work they are doing. The devoted staff of the organization work tirelessly to create a platform to lift people out of hardships that they cannot escape on their own. With barely more than 10 years in existence and already so much accomplished, I look forward to see what Maitri can do in the next decade.

Thomas Whitworth
University of Utah '16


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