Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Help End Open Defecation in Ranchi, India

According to the United Nations, 47% of India openly defecates on a daily basis.

Maitri would like to help stop open defecation by constructing forty toilet facilities in ten different areas in Jharkand, India. This would help by providing clean facilities to the rickshaw pullers of Maitri’s Ranchi project. On a larger scale this will improve sanitation for rickshaw pullers while also promoting hygienic public health practices to India as a nation.

The importance of this project for India and the world:
• Globally about 600 million people openly defecate, making this a very large public health concern
• India has more than twice the number of people who openly defecate than the next 18 countries combined together
• India accounts for 90 percent of the people in South Asia who practice open defecation
• India also accounts for 59 percent of the population in the entire world who openly defecate

Most rickshaw pullers are migrant workers from rural villages who have come to try to generate income for their families. With open defecation, every individual’s health is at jeopardy as they are exposed to hazardous wastes and disease prone environments. This marginalized population is in dire need of relief as they suffer each day from poor working and living conditions. With something as simple as a toilet, these individuals’ lives would be changed drastically and possibly even saved.

Project Ranchi would provide and create solutions to this major public health issue in Jharkand. By working to reduce the rate of open defecation, the lives and hygiene of many migrant workers will significantly improve. Maitri will construct functional latrine units, provide access to clean water and regularly maintain facilities free of cost to rickshaw pullers who are already struggling daily.

Maitri could greatly use your help in ending open defecation. Beginning at 6:30pm and lasting only twenty-four hours, Global Giving will be matching all donations at thirty percent. If you are able to, please visit our Global Giving page to find out more about this initiative and to donate.

Thank you for your donations or consideration. Have a wonderful day! 

Maitri India
Brok Dixon
University of Utah, USA


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