Friday, November 2, 2012

They are the future . . . .

How could I not post something about the Children's Tutorial Centre?!  I think that most Maitri interns would agree that it is one of the highlights of the internship experience because the children are so wonderful, so eager to learn, and so much fun to teach.  My heart goes out to them and the challenges that they will face.  My experiences with these bright and beautiful children reinforces my belief that education is crucial for overcoming some of life's most difficult trials.  Maitri provides such a wonderful tutorial centre for these children and allows them to have an opportunity to overcome their situations by learning math, English, science, and the skills necessary to be healthy, independent, and participatory members in their worlds.  My greatest hope for these children is that they will continue with their education and realize their innate potential. However, I can honestly say that I have learned far more from them in the few short months that I have been here than they would have ever learned from me.  What an amazing opportunity it has been to interact with these children on a daily basis!

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