Monday, October 10, 2011

Maitri is Pleased to Announce that...

The Musical Fundraiser Evening with Birju Maharaj was a hit!
Maitri hosted a celebration spotlighting the international day for the elderly.
After entering the beautiful Chinmaya Mission,  guests were greeted with warm welcomes and smiles from the Maitri family and sent into the auditorium to watch the amazing dance choreography, "Celebrating Life." The choreography's story was woven around the life of Krishna, a abiding symbol of love and humanity, principles that Maitri abide by.  
So lets give a round of applause to Maitri for hosting this enlightening event!

Maitri Celebrating Life
Dr. Abid Hussain & Birju Maharaj shaking hands

Birju Maharaj Lighting the Lamp
General Bhopinder Singh was pleased to Spotlight Dr. Abid Hussain
Beautiful faces, costumes and performers!
A dance woven around the Life of Krishna
Birju Maharaj Dancing

What an honor to watch this enchanting dancer

Ameen, Sarah, Liz, Katie and Ankur
More of Maitri's Family
Vivan, Winnie Ma'am, Sonal and her Mother-in-law!
The "symphony"
Guests were happy to sign in and contribute  
Maitri is a well oiled Machine!
Sign in please
Ameen & Katie welcomed guests with warm smiles
Liz was happy to see her collage in life size!
Sarah & Katie were admiring their printed work on Maitri's FIRST Newsletter!
Welcome to the Chinmaya Mission!
Come one, come all!

"Invoke the blessings of the elders, for it is they who have shown us the way"


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