Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Parliament and Teacher Appreciation Day

On Tuesday, September 6, Maitri took the interns to visit parliament. It was a whirlwind experience! We left at 10:00 am from Maitri's office to reach parliament and go through security in time to attend the 11:00 session. We went through numerous security checkpoints before we made it to the final checkpoint only to find out we were approximately two minutes too late! We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the parliament cafeteria (which is actually quite yummy!) and then continued in our efforts to enter parliament. We finally got in at about 12:00 noon and the session ended within about 15 minutes. The entire time we were in the room, there was screaming and shouting. Even though we had headphones that helped to translate the conversation to English, it was very difficult to understand everything that was going on. It was an incredible experience, nonetheless! Maitri provides many incredible opportunities for their interns to experience the political, social, and emotional aspects of the diverse Indian culture.

Happy Teacher Day!!!
Tuesday ended with a celebration for Teacher's day! The children of Maitrigram, the children's tutorial center, prepared a nice presentation to show their appreciation for the leaders of Maitri - Winnie Ma'am and the General, Sonal, and Mr. Jolly Sir. It was a sweet presentation! Some of the children recited beautiful poems in hindi and then other groups of students prepared dances to well-known bollywood songs. It was quite the show! Maitri provides a good creative outlet for children at Maitrigram, generally ages 4-16. It was so sweet to see the children's genuine gratitude to Winnie and the General, Sonal, and Jolly Sir. 

What a beautiful celebration!

Intern, Sarah Patton, with maitrigram child, Shalu

The after dance party!

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