Monday, May 30, 2011

Photo Post

I have quite the collection of photos, so I decided to share some. Most of these are pictures of the children we teach at Maitri (here there are only pictures of the older, second batch), a few from another Maitri tutorial/vocational school that we visited and some pictures of the slums near these schools. Also I have posted some pictures from a birthday we celebrated on Sunday at the old age home, Aashirwad. It was the birthday of General Singh, the President of Maitri and a founder of Aashirwad...who actually wasn't there (he and his wife, Winnie Singh will be in the US until the 4th of June).

The adorable Prachi. She is not
a student, but follows her big sister
to class.

Prachi and her older sister, Varsha.

Nishu and her brother Manglam.
These two speak the best English!

She is very sweet, but shy. I cannot
make out her name when she
whispers it.

A little girl who doesn't speak much English, but
always runs up to us in the alley way to say hi/bye
when we are on our way home.

A whole bunch of the girls and I attempting to
squish together.
The cute face you see next to me is Geeta; her older sister,
Laxmi is the tall one with the beautiful eyes, in the back;
the bright girl to my left is Varsha; you know the
little one, Prachi; and the girl in front with the plaid skirt
goes by Baby.

Me waving bye to some of the kids. The only face
you don't know here is the little girl in the foreground
she goes by Anoo.

This is a story and drawing done for
me by Vaidehli. Unfortunately for me
she has gone on a month vacation to
her village. I'll miss her :(


Maitrigram, Maitri's vocational and tutorial

Young women learning to sew at Maitrigram.

A couple of children at the Maitrigram

A child walking in the slum
outside of Maitrigram.

Women sitting at the edge of a slum.


Birthday gathering at Aashirwad.
The women in the wheelchair is Janiji.
I was able to spend the morning talking
with her.
She has had a truly amazing life.

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